For Readers

I love learning more about authors, their writing, and their favorite stories. This page is still in progress, but I hope to share with you some of the things I enjoying discovering about writers and books.

For starters, and since my first book is a fairy tale, I’ve compiled a couple of lists of fairy-tale stories and movies that I’ve enjoyed, or that sounded interesting.

And I thought I’d share one random fact: I love plants. You might notice that I reference plants a fair bit in my novels. One of my favorite plants is the smelling orange. It’s a study in contrasts. It has long green thorns, delicate white blossoms, and golf ball-sized, yellow fruit that smell likes oranges.

The smelling orange in my parents’ yard. Doesn’t it look like it belongs in a fairy tale? At least one cover artist agrees with me, for I found it on the cover of a story by one of my favorite fantasy authors. Can any of you tell me which book that is? There’s something else I like about the cover too, as a hint.

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