The magic collectors story world

The Magic Collectors stories are a collection of clean fantasy novels set in a historical-ish world (they have a somewhat historical feel but are not set in a real place or time and don’t strive for great historical accuracy) and which feature enchanters (those born with the gift of magic), sorcerers (enchanters who have turned to dark magic to increase their power), non-magics, and the mysterious half-magics (those who can sense and manipulate magic but not create it). All stories have a Christian worldview; some have more mentions of faith than others, but none are preachy. Many of the stories have obvious or subtle fairytale connections. They are appropriate for teen readers.

Currently (as of summer 2021), there are three series in the Magic Collectors world. They can be read the series individually, but you’ll discover many fun connections if you read them all.

Here are the current series with release dates and reading tips. There is no necessary reading order. By story world timeline, the series are Of Magic Made, then The Rose and the Wand/Realm and Wand, then Of Magic and Mirrors (which also includes The Rose and the Wand.)

Of Magic and Mirrors

Jane Austen Romance Meets Fairytale Adventure

This series features standalone novels about the Floraison family and friends. It is set in a Regency-ish period and is the most “modern” of the books on a timeline. Books are PG in rating, which a little more violence in To Catch a Magic Thief than in The Rose and the Wand.


A proud enchantress curses a prince to be a beast and must herself learn about love to escape a horrible curse.

The story of the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast.

*This book also includes Devryn from The King’s Spell and serves as something of a prequel to that series, as it explains how Devryn got his curse.*


A non-magic under the threat of imprisonment and an enchantress with a deadly secret race to stop a magic thief.

Future Stories in This Series

Future stories include one about Eva Floraison and Fred Floraison, and possibly one with Lord Tyndale and one with Henry (both from To Catch a Magic Thief). Release dates unknown.

Realm and Wand

Jane Austen Romance Meets Fantasy Adventure

This series features a trilogy and (later) standalone novels about Devryn Ashby and Meredith Lofton and friends. It is set in a Regency-ish period and is set about 50 years before The Rose and the Wand and To Catch a Magic Thief on a timeline. Part of The Rose and the Wand occurs just before The King’s Spell starts. Devryn is cursed by Alexandria in that story with a punishment curse meant to help someone grow into a better person, as gold in a refiner’s fire. It is not necessary to have read The Rose and the Wand before this series. Books are upper PG in rating for violence, I think.



THE KING’S GUARDIAN (coming 2023)

A cursed half-magic and a mischievous enchantress team up to save their king and kingdom from the powerful Dark Mage. 

Future Stories in This Series

Future stories include one about Jonathan Lofton and one about a character introduced in his story. Release dates unknown.

Of Magic Made

Fantasy Adventure and Romance in an Ancient World

This series features a trilogy about Thea and Athdar, with more books planned about other characters from those books. It is the oldest series in the world timeline, being set in and Ancient Greece and Arabia setting. The ancestors of characters from later books are seen here. It is slightly more gritty and adventure-focused than the others. I would rate these PG-13. They are still clean and non-gory.


WROUGHT OF SAPPHIRE AND SEA (coming late 2021)


A lonely young man with more than one secret to keep gets swept into a world of danger, curses, and found family in this thrilling Twelve Dancing Princess retelling.

Future Stories in This Series

Athdar and Thea’s story should be complete in the trilogy listed above. Additional stories are planned for other characters in the series, including Xander, Ariadne, and other characters not yet introduced.