Words of the Day: a capricio, accede, accentuate

As a writer it’s important I have a large vocabulary, so I am reading through the dictionary. In an effort to keep me accountable, I will post my favorite words from each dictionary page. Definitions come from Webster’s New World Dictionary of American English, Third College Edition, 1988.

a capricio: Musical direction meaningat pleasure; at whatever tempo and with whatever expression the performer likes.”

This is how I usually sing or play, much to the listener’s chagrin.

accede 1 to enter upon the duties (of an office); attain (toto give assent; give in; agree (to) 3 to become a party (to a treaty) between nations

accentuate 1 to pronounce or mark with an accent or stress 2 to emphasize; heighten the effect of

Like Bing Crosby says you gotta “Accentuate the Positive and eliminate the negative.”


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