It Feels Like a Monday

In case you never noticed, you should have two stickers on your license plate—one with the month of renewal and one with the year. If you unthinkingly cover the month sticker with the year sticker, the cops will pull you over—in front of all your … Continue readingIt Feels Like a Monday

Three Spiritual Lessons from Pinterest

I’m a recent addition to pinterest, and it didn’t take me long to feel its addictive pull. But while I try to limit my time on it, I’ve realized that, like most things, it provides a way to connect with God. Here are three things … Continue readingThree Spiritual Lessons from Pinterest


This is a guest post by my good friend and critique partner Lucy Morgan-Jones on an Australian tradition that I love the sounds of. “Smoko!” The yell echoes across workshops, through office buildings and across dusty shearing sheds all over Australia. Workers put down their tools, their … Continue readingSmoko!