Snow White Retelling: The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson

Fairest Beauty Special Announcement: You can read the first two chapters of The Fairest Beauty, a new Snow White retelling by Melanie Dickerson here!

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  1. My thoughts on The Fairest Beauty

    The Good-I liked the reference to the Holy Roman Empire and the fact that characters such as the evil “queen” had actual names rather than descriptive titles. These elements help to ground the story

    The Bad-First, the contrast between the duchess and Sophie seems a bit overemphasized to me. Second, I am not certain how easy it would be for the duchess to keep her activities a secret or what would realistically happen if someone found out. Third, I realize that the Huntsman is part of the story but I am not sure an experienced killer like the duchess would really use him to get rid of “Snow White”

    The Verdict-I would give what I read a 3 out of 5 or average rating.

    1. True, but one of the reasons for being in power is having other people do your bidding, especially when they don’t want to. The duchess knew the huntsman admired Sophie and so forcing him to kill her would give her more pleasure than killing Sophie herself.

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