Flower Friday: Oddballs of the Flower World

We’re all used to seeing daises, roses, the orchids in the grocery store, and flowers that look like those, but, occasionally, I run across a flower or plant that’s undeniably unique. Here are a few of my favorite oddballs from the flower world.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, Dismals Canyon, AL



Okra blossom
Who knew okra had such a beautiful bloom? And notice the stem color–this is a red variety of okra!


smelling orange
One of my favorite plants–the smelling orange.




Long-spured violet
Long-spurred violet. Looks like it has one orange fang.
See the spur coming out from the back of the flower?
See the spur coming out from the back of the flower?
orchid looks like b-wing fighter
There are a bunch of peculiar orchids, but this is one that caught my eye. It rather reminds me of a b-wing fighter from a Star Wars video game.


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